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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dot, Dot

The big red dot has gone.


In its place now are TWO red dots.

They are in roughly the same area of my right eye's vision, maybe slightly higher. The two dots are different sizes and the smaller one sits atop the larger, evoking in my twisted mind the creepy image of a blood-stained snowman.

In another week I will be seeing a retinal specialist about this. Based on what I have been told (and what I have since read on the Internet) I won't try to get in with the ophthalmologist again. All they do is examine you and confirm you are seeing red dots. The treatment is to wait several months and hope it goes away.

If my vision continues to change (or it looks like the dots are multiplying) I will of course go straight in. But right now I would guess the excess fluid partially detaching my retina has split into two smaller pools.

Everything else has been pretty good the past few weeks. No brain shocks, no headaches, very little ear ringing. And still no sign of the Eastern Phoebe that drove me batty last year. I can only imagine what that little creature would have done for my red dot.

1 comment:

  1. Tell me when they are exactly lined up, top to bottom. Oh wait.....that's just the optometrist. Probably won't help you much. But maybe that glaucoma test, you know the one when they puff the air into your to check for pressures (or whatever it is they're checking?!) would blow those dots right out of there. Just a thought....

    Hang in there!