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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visit with Retinal Specialist

I just returned from my appointment with the retinal specialist. I can barely see the screen because my pupils are dilated. So this will be short.

There is no more fluid behind my right eye causing the retina to partially detach. Last time the chorioretinopathy bloomed (about six weeks ago) the red dot splashed across my vision, then faded for the next few weeks. There is no more fluid, yet I still see the (smaller) red dot.

Diagnosis: scar.

I hope the scar (or tear mark, or whatever) will heal over time. Until it does, the optical illusion of the red dot will be there. [Rats.] This might be a while.

As for my eyepatch and flashing lights, the fact that I only need it later in the day should have been a clue. I talked for a long time with the doctor about this. Fatigue is the culprit. My right eye has minor damage now, so it will show signs of fatigue (the throbbing and then shocking pain) before my left eye. The right eye just gives up now as if it were the loser of a nightly Survivor challenge. It slips and falls, allowing the left eye to claim the immunity idol.

So my orders are to decrease stress and get plenty of rest. Taking two aspirin and calling him in the morning was probably implied too.

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