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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Annual MRI Results

My annual MRI was this morning. Even though I have not seen the technician's report, I think my Magic 8-Ball says: "ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES" (Yes is good.)

To the ongoing chagrin of my doctor friends, I studied my brain images this morning and they look the same as last year's. The pituitary area still has that darned spot that was the subject of debate at Tumor Board, but it has not changed or moved in almost three years. It shouldn't be there, but at least it is dormant. The sleeper cell in my own brain, perhaps.

Also, the plaque from my "T2 Flair" series of images looks exactly the same.

Long story short, my ongoing issues with dizziness, ennui, yo-yo testosterone and pandiatonicism all likely stem from the medications and hormone replacement therapies, not the tumor itself.

This is both good and bad news. If the tumor had started to make a move, we would have an explanation and a course of action. With a boring MRI result, I have to decide whether to tinker with my meds or just accept things as they are. As I wrote before, it's not so bad, but I know what "healthy" feels like and I'm not there.

Still, I'm not dead—which is a plus—and I have good vision in both eyes which is even better during football season. For now, I'll take it.


  1. Boring is GREAT! Yes, do tinker with can make a world of difference. I know it can be frustrating, as I see the same in Lyndsay, but it is SO much better than the alternative.

    So, pandiatonicism - In The WHITE Silence? I read that to mean... The bad stuff is quiet. Hope it stays that way.


  2. Oh Ale,

    So glad you aren't dead. sheesh...what an awful thought. This is really great news and I am very happy for you.

  3. What is the spot you speak of? Is it a bright spot that shows up in the pituitary?

  4. Sorry it took so long to notice this comment, Donna. It's just a tiny dot, (yes, a bright white dot) but very small. In addition to tumor, it could also be part of the tissue used to plug the hole. In any case, it is completely inert by the way it looks the same from year to year.