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Friday, November 6, 2009

Caring Bridge Website

For the next few days, MJ will be posting updates on my progress concerning the second attempt to remove my brain tumor at this following website:

(You can check a box there to receive an email every time an update is posted.)

I will be back here soon, posting more blogs on my thoughts about healing outside and inside when I get home and some of my energy returns.

One final note for the Cabrillo people just finding out about my tumor and my blog: thank you Ellen for that beautiful email informing everyone of my condition.  I promise my prognosis is excellent at this point.  The tumor is definitely benign, and surgery was quite possibly successful enough that I will not need radiation.  However, I do have an official excuse now for missing so many of those Kernis sixteenth notes!

My love to all of you,

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  1. I wrote a blog poist about CaringBridge, since I just learned about it, and I think its such an amazing service. I linked to this particular blog post and thought you might want to see it:

    If you have any questions, or want me to change or remove anything, let me know!