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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Search Terms

An entertaining sidelight of blogging is keeping track of how anonymous people stumble upon your site. Here are some search words people have typed into Google in the last month which have led them straight here:

“i feel pricking needles on my upper body”
“husband has cirrhosis and is acting weird”
“Noah isogonic”
“someone cue the rocky theme meaning”
“i applied androgel to my scrotum”

I imagine my blog was not the first thing those people were looking for, but I hope at least they came away with something.

I have not been writing much simply because I have been up and about more. I don’t have so many endless hours on the couch anymore, and in less than a week I will be attempting a comeback at my job playing the oboe. I pledged I would never write out of a sense of duty and only when I felt compelled to share something very interesting. In the months to come, I would love to add more to this blog, but the schedule and the regularity are still question marks.

But believe me, I have plenty left to write!

On a side note regarding my health, one troubling thing that has arisen the past few days is the return of my cough after a four-month hiatus. It is not as debilitating as it has been the past three years, but nonetheless it is back. The culprit is clear – as I have weaned off pain medication, the cough has slipped back into my life. Earlier, it had disappeared just as I started taking heavier pain meds for my headaches following surgery. (Pain meds have the side effect of suppressing chronic coughs.) I had started treatment with an allergist a few months ago, and now I know I will need to continue the treatment of the allergy shots that were disrupted once the tumor was spotted. I hate my cough. It kills my spirit and I must get rid of it one way or another!

Stay tuned.

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