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Monday, March 29, 2010

Going to see Neurologist

I'm leaving in about an hour to see the neurologist who works closely with my neuro-ophthalmologist. I am definitely going into this appointment PREPARED. Despite everything I have already been through, this will be my first appointment with a general neurologist, so I don't know quite what to expect. But I'm ready to be very articulate regarding my current symptoms.

As a funny side note, the phone rang recently. It was someone from the office of the original neurologist (the "best in town" according to my surgeon) trying to set up an appointment. Ten days ago, this person offered me an appointment on July 19 for the electric shocks I experience in my brain every afternoon. We didn't schedule anything and she said she would do some checking to find a way to work me in "much sooner."

Now ten days later, she is finally calling back to inform me she found an available time slot! The date? July 26.

I'll see what the other neurologist says today.

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