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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shock It To Me

I have my appointment tomorrow with the neurosurgeon, and I will write an update soon after that.

But in the meantime, a new thing cropped up: electric shocks in my brain, and I am not overstating that. Yesterday, for about a three hour period, I experienced sudden (and fairly severe) electric shocking sensations inside my head on the left side. I timed them anywhere from 90 seconds to 14 minutes apart. The shocks lasted less than one second and nothing seemed to trigger them. If anything, it was the act of drifting off into a nap that preceded the jolts. One was so severe and so painful I leapt up from the sofa and yelped which almost gave MJ a heart attack. But they faded away and by last night I was feeling well enough (cautiously) to don my tux and play a pops concert.

I slept well and this morning I have not noticed any more of them. However, there is a noticeable pain behind my left eye and my left ear rings endlessly. Again I feel well enough to play a light concert this afternoon, but I will go into my appointment tomorrow morning with all these questions in hand.

It was quite a scene yesterday: Noah (our dog) lying on the floor yelping from some kind of joint or muscle pain, and me lying on the couch waiting for the next sensation that my brain was being zapped. ("Don't tase me, bro!") MJ had her hands full with both of us!

Thank you for reading, everyone. Hopefully I will have some answers by tomorrow afternoon.

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