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Friday, May 14, 2010

Both Eyes Blurry

The determination from the neurologist is that there is nothing critical "to do" right now regarding the change in my eyesight. I had an MRI just days ago which was -- for the most part -- pretty clean and my EEG was inconclusive. The next battery of tests is only a month away and it's not like I am in any pain. Short of an operation, radiation, chemotherapy or a change in medication, there is little else "to do" besides make a note of it. The change in my eyesight has been duly noted in bold on my chart followed by an exclamation point.

On the other hand, I have another brief observation this morning that raises more questions. My right eye continues to be fuzzy in the distance, but now my LEFT (good) eye is fuzzy close up. Maybe if I stand at a 45 degree angle everything will be in focus?

Last night during the break backstage, I was explaining my current symptoms to colleagues.

"Look at that clock over there," I said while pointing across the room. "When I close my left eye the numbers split in two and the lines are fuzzy."

Mary Jane shook her head and said, "Are you kidding? I can't even see it's a clock. It looks like a snowball that far away. Be grateful you know it's a clock."

She was half-joking of course, but it might have been the first time I really considered what "needing glasses" means. All my life I have had P.E.R.F.E.C.T. vision, like everything is in high definition from every distance. I may be colorblind, but clarity has never been an issue before. Maybe I shouldn't confuse the issue of getting older and seeing the first signs of eyesight deterioration with the fact that a few months ago a recurring tumor was attached to my optic nerves. The issues could be related, but they could also be separate.

I have a direct dial to my neuro-ophthalmologist's assistant. She is the one who usually administers my tests anyway and she does the bulk of the interaction with me. She knows me and my file cold. She has welcomed me to call anytime. She has never rushed me off the phone and she always consults directly with the doctor if there is a question about anything. My instructions for now are to continue making observations about any tiny variations in my vision. If there is any sudden concern or pain I am to go directly to Emergency.

This weekend I am still able to play my oboe, but if my right eye gets any worse I may have to resort to an eyepatch again. It is the last Pops concert of the season and I appreciate the irony that last September—on our first Pops of the season—I resorted to an eyepatch on my other eye before it got so bad Mary Jane had me make an appointment with her eye doctor to see what was causing the problem.

Here's a new image I found of the original craniopharyngioma, taken 10/1/09. At this angle, I wonder if it was my horrible golf game that caused this in the first place. (Apologies for the strange humor. I'm in a weird mood today):

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