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Saturday, May 1, 2010

MRI Comparison

The most recent MRI certainly looks good on the tumor front. Excellent, as a matter of fact. Check out this "before" image:

And now here's the image from a few days ago:

No answers yet on why these electric brain shocks persist, but it's nice to see a clean scan in the area the craniopharyngioma tumor originally presented itself.  Yay!


  1. I would have recognized that brain anywhere:-)

  2. Fantastic! That's the kind of MRI I like to see.
    My mother's PET scan is tomorrow. We hope to see the same results.

  3. Clean as a whistle. A win for modern medicine.

    Is that black creature next to the original scan related to a bear, or is that you in drag? Handsome fella.

  4. I had one of these exact tumors. It's such an extreme relieft to hear and see that things have cleared up, isnt it?