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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tests Tomorrow

After speaking with me on the phone in person, the neuro-ophthalmologist has now decided four weeks is "way too long" to wait until my next appointment. Tomorrow morning at 7:30am I will be squeezed in for another round of tests.

The sudden vision blur is the main cause of concern. The good news is the vision changes do not involve light or color loss which would be a major red flag. Blurriness can be caused by many things including simple fatigue. It could be my own hard-headed attitude about returning to a normal schedule while my body is still catching up and adjusting to the hormone replacement therapy. The vision change is sudden, though, and this is the cause of (at least mild) concern.

I don't think anyone is too worried right now but I am once again grateful for my team of doctors who are watching over every little nuance of my recovery. There are about three hundred cases of my tumor in the United States annually—literally one in a million—and most of them are children. I am certain the rarity of my case plays into the medical team's extra care. If I have a sudden blurriness, no doctor can say, "Eh, don't worry about that. Most adult papillary craniopharyngioma patients in their early 40s get that six months after surgery." There aren't enough patients like me, I suspect, to casually throw away caution when little red flags present themselves.

In any event, we shall see what happens tomorrow morning and I will let everyone know. Thank you so much for reading!

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